Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everthing…

May 29, 2007

Since I’ve been home, all I’ve been craving to do is watch Arrested Development. Regular television is pretty depressing and awful, and I like awful TV so that’s a lot for me to say. I don’t know, maybe it’s the idea that I am home indefinitely which makes me hesitant to fall into my old habits. Usually, when I’m home from school A) I’ve been deprived from a steady diet of trashy, cable TV and therefore binge B) It’s easier to “waste” hours watching an ANTM marathon when you know you’re going to get back to doing work. What’s wrong with consuming trashiness when it’s only in moderation? But now when I tune into say a “Flavor of Love” marathon, I can imagine myself doing it for days, which becomes weeks, months, etc. There’s no end in sight!

However, that’s all a bit of a lie. Even though I stopped watching large amounts of TV (except for my newest weakness, marathons of “Girls Next Door”. I have a thing for marathons if you can’t tell), I still watch lots of shows (and my lots of shows I mean lots of Arrested Development). I get really bored and this is all I want to do. The boredom is not from a lack of things I need to do. There’s plenty of stuff I should be doing from doing laundry, unpacking, etc. or researching, applying to shit, finding jobs, you doing the things that might lead me to actually doing something post-graduation, and rendering my stay at home no longer indefinite. But instead I lie around and languish for something to entertain me. Oh well.

Since I’m on the topic of procrastination, now that I have all the time in the world I barely watch any YouTube. Is it because I’m not around a bunch of people telling me about new videos? Or is it because I don’t have a thesis to procrastinate on? While I was in my darkest hour with thesis and school work….a cesspool of despair if you will, me and YouTube were BFF. The random ass things I would think to look up and delight it when I found them! But now it’s all blah. There’s no spark to our relationship anymore. I know YouTube is still wonderful…so is it just me?

Anyway, back to the heart of the post…Arrested Development is almost everything I could ever want in a sitcom. It joins the pantheon of other such high quality yet randomly selected shows such as Scrubs, Family Guy, Home Movies, and Sifl’n’Olly, that are exactly what I find funny, and I can’t really explain why. Maybe because these shows are incredibly silly and seem really random, when in actuality they’re incredibly clever? That sounds good.

Chicken Dance

What keeps me going…


One Response to “Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everthing…”

  1. sam said

    this may be my favorite clip from arrested development, the entire show.

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