Give me a G, A, Y!

May 30, 2007

I’ve been in a buying music up to the wazoo kind of mood lately. How can I help it if almost all my favorites folks are releasing new cds, from Bjork, Tori Amos, Ozomatli, Rufus Wainwright, and Blonde Redhead to name a few, and there’s new folks like Ditty Bops, and without the network it takes a bit more effort to download these artists. Maybe if I wanted Jessica Simpson’s latest album or something that would be a bit easier to acquire through…um…questionable means, but I don’t so I’ve just been hauling my ass and my precarious budget to the record store. However, once I get there I almost always forget the majority of what I want to buy and end up getting random shit because I’m already in this uber-consumerism mode. Any way, here are some absoultely delightful album covers from recent purchases I have made.

Exhibit #1

How gay (I mean it in the best way possible)! Confiding from one gay thing to another, I must commend this photo! So sassy, and I love his shoes, and how that animal thing he’s riding (it looks like a cross-between a baby deer and a bunny) has a bubble butt.

Exhibit #2

I bought this record in the bargain bin at Amoeba Records. This is the classic 1984 album, the only Jackson 5 album to include 6 Jackson brothers (the math is crazy I know!). However, Wikipedia tells me that there was tension between theml during recording and as a result view publicity photos of all of them together were taken, which explains why this magnificent drawing was made! It looks like the cover of a gay sci-fi smuttly romance novel.

I love pointing out the gayness in things and everyone. It makes me happy I guess because I secretly think everyone is queer until proven straight and even then I don’t believe it, and think they just have a beard, since queer can encompass so many different things and different levels of attraction and what not.

This is my first attempt at curation, and hopefully I’ll add to this collection! Should it be simply album covers that I like, that are ridiculous or that are teething with gay innuendo? Only time will tell!


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