A special shout out!

June 18, 2007

Hey y’all. I just wanted to give a special shout out to Sam Stromberg. He’s an awesome guy whom I suspect may be the one and only person who reads this blog! As a result he gets a special reward…a shout out from me! Are you jealous? I’d be too!

I felt weird about posting a picture of him without his permission, so instead I typed “Sam Stromberg” in Google Image and this is the first pic that came up:

Here’s the website it’s from. Keep on reading, Sam!


2 Responses to “A special shout out!”

  1. Francesca said

    Not anymore… Muhahahaha.

  2. sam said

    That photo (and source) is amazing! You know, my dad grew up in Cleveland (where Case is), so it’s a remote possibility that that Sam Stromberg is related to me… oh, the internet, and its informative bounty!

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