I can’t believe…

July 7, 2007

How much America’s Next Top Model I watched today. Cycle 7. A lot of women are bitches. Judging is based on storyline and not ability. Is my brain dying? Here’s my favorite photo from the season:

Today is also 7/7/07, which is why I must post. Cycle 7 on 7/7/07? Coincidence I think not.

777 means that today there’s the massive concert event Live Earth, that features simultaneous concerts on many continents, rallying for awareness for climate change. I read that the frontman for Muse said about the event “Private jets for climate change, not sure about it that seems to be a bit on edge really– that’s an issue really, so we need to think about it”, with others folks calling it nothing more than “feel-good environmentalism”. I also learned the term greenwashing today….and Bob Geldof is now mad at Al Gore being a biter.


One Response to “I can’t believe…”

  1. sam said

    I definitely soured on reality TV (specifically “Top Chef”) when I realized that they kick people off almost entirely based on producer-made decisions about storyline and personality clash. Season 1 turned out ok (and I watched it in like three sittings), but season 2 they kicked off my three favorites in the first six episodes and I ended up getting in huge arguments with friends about why I disliked the people still around. It was bad. All my TV-watching (except maybe televised sports) cycles like this.

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