Internet People!

September 7, 2007

This video makes me feel warm and fuzzy in the cactus where my heart should be. Has the focus of my neverending love for nostalgic pop culture references shifted from venerating the artifacts of my childhood to now longingly recalling the viral internet videos from my high school and college days?

Animated by the NY-based Dan Meth, this vid references almost all of my favorites, all of those web vids that I watched again and again, prioritizing their 22nd viewing over studying for the SATs or writing fellowship applications, etc. Remember, ALMOST is the operative word here. “Internet People” is missing a video that is very dear to my heart…


One Response to “Internet People!”

  1. sam said

    wow! I’d honestly never seen that video before, so I’d like to thank you for doing your part to share the internet with others.

    also, i hadn’t heard that song in FOREVER! I think it came out right around the time my friends and I switched from our parents’ oldies radio station to a top-40 station, so we learned all the words to it. oh, those were the days…

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