Fuck that I’m not oversensitive

September 13, 2007

No matter what you say! I may cry a lot when I don’t mean to, but the things I take offense to, well…they warrant taking offense to! I’m sick of people (in this my case), ignoring and minimizing what I say to being oversensitive. When I have issues with my brother, my dad tells him to humor me because I’m oversensitive. Fuck that shit! If hypothetically I’m mad at my brother (which I am not currently) then it’s because we have issues and he made me mad! I’m not fucking oversensitive. Saying that is so condescending and basically means whatever I say and think has no merit on it’s own.

I’m also sick of people assuming anything I say about race, gender, sexuality, etc. is an example of my oversensitivity because my identity supposedly makes me biased. What does that sound like? Oh, you’re a woman of color and there for what you’re saying has no worth. It doesn’t sound like I’m being oversensitive, it sounds like you’re being WCPer (white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. When I point out that a song or a movie or whatever is say sexist, I am not saying it shouldn’t exist, I’m not saying that it should be censored, nor am I saying that the makers intended it to be sexist. They could intend whatever they want but the result is different, and how people read it is different. If it’s sexist, though it’s sexist. I state it like a fact. Like the song is 2:12 minutes long, the song is sexist. Something can be likable and have artistic value and still have problematic aspects. That should be acknowledged. For example, I liked the movie “Sin City” which is highly patriarchal. I enjoy it, I think visually it’s really unique and wait oh…I can also admit that it very misogynist. I’m not making excuses for it just because I like it.

So…all in all don’t tell me I’m being too PC or oversensitive. Those labels are just new ways to silences progressive voices.

I hate what people have now used PC to mean. I’m not a big fan of it either. As a Pomona alumn once said very well (jacqueline wong-hernandez i think), it’s not about being politically correct, but about being respectfully correct. people too often use being anti-pc as a protective banner to not have to question themselves, and have a racist, sexist, classist xenophobic free for all!

this annoys me the most in the realm of humor. saying that your humor is anti-pc and deals with race is now like a shield that protects the humor from criticism. it’s like if the joke deals with race and is stupid, you can’t say it’s stupid because then people will think you’re just being PC. though at times it has its moments, Mind of Mencia is a good example of this. I don’t think it’s funny cuz it’s not. Dave Chapelle talks about race in his humor and I crack up. Why? Because it’s clever! It’s funny. Racism can’t protect a bad joke from being bad. Also, there’s a fine line between critiquing racism in humor and simply reinforcing it. but anyways, your joke may be un-pc, and i may not laugh. i’m not laughing because i’m too pc, i’m not laughing because you’re too unfunny. garrr!!


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