On another note…

September 13, 2007

As some of you may know, I’ve been having my Pottermania obsession about 6 weeks later than everyone else. Oh well. Better late than never. Some haters would say better never than ever. Here are two of my favorite Harry Potter parodies:

This is the standard make two male characters seem like they’re gay, a la all those Brokeback Mountain parodies (I suggest “Brokeback to the Future” it’s like the Citizen Kane of Brokeback parodies. “Brokeback by the bell” is just fun). However, it’s still pretty fun.

This is just silly and I enjoy the slutty Gryffindor costumes.


3 Responses to “On another note…”

  1. supafrantastic said

    These were amazing. Both of them.

  2. Wendy said

    Hi Anh-Thu, I just re-found your blog and have been reading it obsessively. I love your posts. I’m awful at keeping in touch too, so hopefully this counts.

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