Virtually Panhandling for Reparations

October 10, 2007


About National Day of Panhandling for Reparations:

OCTOBER 10, 2007. People of all races across the United States will take an hour or two to sit in a range of locations in our communities: outside of businesses, libraries, museums, art galleries, or on busy street corners. We will wear signs reminding passersby of the history of slavery in the United States. We will collect reparations in the form of money from white Americans for the enslavement and free-labor of Africans and African Americans during the establishment and economic rise of this country. This money will be immediately paid out to black passersby. Both parties will be offered a receipt. We will do this to offer a convenient opportunity for American citizens to acknowledge, apologize and compensate the unpaid labor of African Americans, the travesty of slavery, and the rightful due of reparations.

This work began in 2003 as a street performance by artist damali ayo. In living flag: panhandling for reparations damali panhandled for reparations on the streets of various cities across the United States. In each of her locations she engaged a steady flow of reparations received and paid. October 10, 2007 marks the first annual National Day of Panhandling for Reparations where others join damali in this performance.


One Response to “Virtually Panhandling for Reparations”

  1. sam said

    how did it go???

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