Vietnamese American Reality Star Hall of Fame

October 19, 2007

What can I say? My people are good at winning at reality shows. HOLLA!

Dat Phan – Last Comic Standing Season 1 —– America tasted some Viet love and couldn’t go back…

Chloe Dao – Project Runway Season 2. I absolutely love her! Maybe it’s also because I love Project Runway….

Another reason why I love Chloe Dao:

On the same season of Project Runway, there was another Vietnamese contestant, Guadalupe Vidal. I kind of secretly wanted them to hang out and wig the other contestants out by speaking Vietnamese…..However, Guadalupe didn’t win. Would she have won if she wasn’t competing another Vietnamese person, since we as a people DOMINATE this shit?



Er…I dunno…she’s kind of crazy

Hung Huynh – Top Chef Season 3. I haven’t really watched this show….but hey, look at that faux hawk!

Granted one could make the argument that these wins just demonstrate that Vietnamese people in America have a history of working in restaurants, and in the garment industry. If so, give me a reality show about doing nails, and let the wins continue!

But finally, what’s better than winning a reality show? Having your own. Let me give some props to the ridiculous awesomeness that is Tila Tequila…


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