The Greatest Band of All Time

December 24, 2007

As some of you know my dream for this Christmas is to have an electric ukulele and a keytar. Imagine the possibilities!!! All the positive I could do for the world!! Here is a peak into the future if someone will grant my wishes:


And now close your eyes and listen to this!

Finally, if I had a keytar, the world will come to know ROCK as it has never experienced! Who would want to deny anyone this?



6 Responses to “The Greatest Band of All Time”

  1. supafrantastic said

    Honey, you are sooo hilarious! Haha.

  2. sam said

    I can already hear the rock coming from the keytar… oh man.

    did you ever watch “the red green show” on PBS? it’s this canadian comedy/variety show that’s really great. and the dorky tech guy controls the cameras and lighting using something that kind of looks like a keytar.

    also, the show is really really funny (although maybe only if you’re from an outdoorsy state like mine)

  3. Vivian said

    omg i love you anh-thu!

  4. Krystyna said

    on2 — i must know… what came of this? is there a fledgling keytar star rising up from the bay area? when’s the CD going to be released?

    also, i LOVE red-green. but yes, i’m also from an outdoorsy state and partial to dorky things generally.

  5. Jazz said

    That last pic is key-tastic.

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