Sad Realization

February 3, 2008

Okay, as some of you know I’ve been mistaken for the character Ugly Betty in the past (it’s been made very clear to me that it’s the character I resemble, not the actress America Ferrera who’s quite attractive). Today I did this online thing where if you upload your picture, it gives you a list of famous people you supposedly look like. It says I look like Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea. To be fair, this same test also said I looked like Ashley Tisdale and James Spader, but that’s beside the point. Essentially, I have discovered the equation of how I look:

+ =

Waterfall tears.


3 Responses to “Sad Realization”

  1. Jazz said

    Whatevs girl, I think you look good *does a sassy snap*

  2. Vivian said

    those my heritage things are whack

  3. […] option, tell me who do I look like more, Betty Suarez or Huyen Dieu? ((This will seem similar to a post I did on my other blog where I demonstrated how I look like a combination of Ugly Betty and Kim […]

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