The Life and Times of Anh-Thu

February 3, 2008

I was listening to my IPOD in shuffle mode, and suddenly I had the definitive vision of what my funeral should be like.

I want my funeral to be a joyous celebration of my life, and I want the people I love to be a little sad that I’m gone but mostly happy that we knew each other at all. I mean, having a little bit of on2 in your life is more than most people ever get to have. I envision my friends who are singers and musicians, coming together as one super group to play at my funeral. And what song shall they play? That’s where IPOD shuffle showed me the way:

I envision everyone in the pews being given special lyrics sheets, and also kazoos, shakers, etc. little instruments so people can play a long. I just want to see everyone singing and playing a long, in this joyous yet slightly melancholy way (which I think the song is like). After the song, then I can get buried, cremated or whatever (I’m still not sure which I’d rather do…on one hand I think I want to be cremated, but I have this fear that I’ll somehow wake up at the very moment I’m locked in the incinerator). I’d like to think that the last moments the people I love will have with me will be celebratory, and involving eighties music. Also, from then on, whenever you’ll hear ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, hopefully you’ll remember me fondly. Now that’s the kind of legacy I want to leave!

I’m kind of morbid, if you can’t tell. In my middle school and high school years, I was a very dark and angsty person, who apparently was able to hid that well because everyone thought I simply nice and bubbly. I don’t think I’m really that person anymore, but I still can’t help but think of death and dying everyday. I don’t want to die, I just kind of think of it, which is weird I know. Here’s an example. I practically live on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which is kind of like the Bay Area combo of a subway and a commuter train. And every single time, without fail, when a train is approaching for a split moment I envision myself jumping in front of it, more as a curious imagining, kind of like what JD does on Scrubs but less entertaining. I don’t want to jump at all, it’s just I wonder what if, what would happen (which is easy to answer). Maybe I just have issues with mortality and I deal with it by having a daily intellectual confrontation with it. Hmmm…I think this morbid, perverse part of me is linked to my weird want to see “27 Dresses”).

So….I start a lot of posts and save them and never really finish them (which is probably why this blog is so rarely updated). I started writing this awhile ago. I just saw “27 Dresses” tonight with my friend, Marisa. I love it when you and someone else is on the same wavelength. We were deciding what movie to watch, and were suggesting stuff like “Atonement” and “There Will Be Blood”, until we both just admitted we wanted to watch “27 Dresses”. Further awesomeness, is that we were originally going to go to the Metreon but instead went to this other theatre because the Metreon didn’t really have any good movies, and somehow we both admitted that if we had to go to the Metreon the only movie we would want to see there would be the 3-D Imax Hannah Montana concert movie.

anyways, “27 Dresses” is enjoyable completely calculated fluff. Was it a good movie per se? Hell no (though Katherine Heigl and James Marsden were pretty good. It’s nice to see James Marsden as a lead, and not playing the douchey third wheel like in the X-Men movies and the Notebook. Never cared for him much before, but he won me over as Corny Collins in Hairspray). Is it entertaining? Yes. The way I see it, I just try to judge movies on what they try to be. It’s like if I was reading compositions by third graders and had criticisms like “This grammar is horrible! The sentence structure to simple. These themes are childish and cliche.” Dude, they’re like 8 years old, they’re not trying to write the next great American novel. “27 Dresses” doesn’t try to be the next great anything…and it succeeds! It’s formulaic but I enjoy the formula. What can I say, I have an addiction to romantic comedies, and I’m finally coming out of the closet with it!


3 Responses to “The Life and Times of Anh-Thu”

  1. supafrantastic said

    I am surprised and relieved and frightened that you think of death as casually and as frequently as I do. 😦 Relieved that I’m not the only one, frightened that someone I love imagines death on a daily basis.

  2. Libby said

    Whenever I’m in airplanes I always imagine opening the emergency door and jumping out. I think it’s more just wondering what that would feel like (touch the sky, baby!) than actually wanting to do it, but it is a weird feeling.

  3. Vivian said

    omg on2, i do that thing with bart trains too! only instead of jumping in front of bart trains, i imagine if i could ever be lucky enough to jump in between two moving cars, like the way the mr.bean character does in the movie ratrace when he manages miraculously to jump in between 2 moving cars.

    you watched 27 dresses?! i wanna watch it too for the exact same reason you mention. romantic comedies are DA BOMB.

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