I don’t know why…

February 28, 2008

I have a clear list of things I need to do. Not even that great of a list. Just some simple tasks that are sort of necessary….however, instead I have been sitting for several hours. It was like watching a trainwreck in slow motion, my laziness. Now I am too sleepy to do anything. I am going to lie to myself and say that I will wake up early and do the various things I need to do. 98% of myself, after experience after countless experience, realizes that this is a lie, but that 2% left over is hoping that this time I’ll actually wake up and do work, instead of just pressing the snooze button every 15 minutes.


One Response to “I don’t know why…”

  1. sam said

    I do the same thing — list-making, doing really really lazy non-things, planning to wake up at a decent hour, hitting the snooze button until the alarm clock stops going off at all…

    But I’ve still decided that, in the balance of things, it’s better to make lists and not get it all done than not to make lists at all. Because someday, and I sincerely believe this, the positive habit we’re cultivating will suddenly take root and make us productive non-lazy people.

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