Oh My God!!

March 3, 2008

Cameroon is practically in a civil war… Read This.


I was watching the latest Project Runway, where Chris and Rami had to do a showdown with their three looks to decide who gets to show at Bryant Park, but more accurately, who will still be in the running for the final price, because they both will show at Fashion Week because the show always give decoy shows to people who were auf wiedersehen’ed so people will not find out who’s kicked out before the episode airs. Chris used interesting materials in his clothes, including safety pins and human hair. A lot of people, myself included, had a bit of a gag reflex. I was talking to Jazmine and she was saying that it shouldn’t be that weird. High priced weaves are more prized when they use actual human hair. If wearing a weave with human hair on your head is ok, than what’s wrong with wearing it on a dress?

People have weird issues with hair. I remember last spring, I got my hair cut by Tory, and she put my ponytail in a little plastic baggy that I kept. Usually after I get a haircut, people always want to touch my newly short hair. However, when I asked people if they wanted to touch my pony tail in a bag, people were grossed out. What’s so different between my hair on my head versus my hair in a bag? Especially when my hair in a bag was just on my head less than 15 minutes ago. Weird…

P.S. WordPress counts today as March 1st as well. So according to this site, March 1st lasted for 48 hours. Also weird…

Happy February 29th!

March 1, 2008

Today only comes one every four years! You should celebrate by doing something you would only do once every four years!

some reading material:
An article on Leap Day birthdays

Here’s the Wikipedia article on February 29th. Apparently Saul William’s birthday is today!

Addendum: This is so fucked up! My post is listed as being March 1st! The injustice of our computer systems not recognizing February 29th. Also, does that mean that the computer will list tomorrow as being March 1st as well? Will we experience a two-day March 1st? Weird!!!

This pic I found when I happened to google image cupcake, represents the rage I feel! Also, check out Teyana Taylor’s new song: “Google Me”