i don’t know how i feel about this

May 6, 2008

they’ve made a new broadway musical out of the John Waters classic, “Cry-Baby”. when i was 11 i bought cry-baby and watched it obsessively, having my first taste of what would become a life long thirst for Johnny Depp. things i love: john waters, cry-baby the film, musicals, the musical version of hairspray. wouldn’t that mean that I would have to love the new musical version of “Cry-Baby?” it’s one thing to make a musical version of a movie or play, like Little Shop of Horrors, or Hairspray, where it adding music creates a different dynamic for the story. but a new musical version of something that’s already a musical??? i’d be happy if they were taking the original songs from cry-baby and broadway-ifying them, but instead, it seems like they scrapped all of it and wrote a new set of songs. boo. 😦 the old songs were so great! it just seems like what the point? yeah, it’ll probably be fun and it’s still a different take on it, but it’s just like “what’s the point?” i think lately my seemingly limitless love of musicals are stumbling on some boundaries. i dunno……musical as a genre is something that i have always had to defend. lots of people think it’s incredibly inane and silly. now that there are broadway adaptations of legally blonde and xanadu, it’s inaneness upon inaneness, which is tough for me to say because i have an unusually high tolerance for the inane. i don’t know if i’m just being snobby or i’m glorifying some past point in musicals that seemed more original. that kind of thinking is false because forever musicals have been based on films, books, older plays, etc. so really me complaining about the lack of creativity now is me just shaking my old man cane.



One Response to “i don’t know how i feel about this”

  1. sophia said

    i love cry baby, as well!

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