how could i ever doubt

May 7, 2008

i’ve been in a TV slump lately. usually there’s nothing i love more than the combination of wonderful shows and absolutely horrendous trash. lately, however, the magic has been missing. maybe post-strike, i stopped caring. i dunno, i have a pile of LOST episodes to watch and i have no inkling to watch them. and the rest, past favorites like ugly betty, i’m like meh. this could be blamed to the writer’s strike, where i got so used to not having regular tv, that i just don’t care anymore. however, i’ve lost my taste for trashy tv, and there’s been ample amounts of fresh material of that. the newest rock of love? after a few episodes, i just didn’t care. the new flavor of love? meh, no particular reason to make any effort to watch it (it requires a minimum effort, since all i have to do is turn on the TV to VH1 and it’s most likely airing). when i heard that the 2nd season of A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila was going to air, i felt a similar ambivalence. there could’ve been no more Tila Tequila on MTV and my life would’ve gone on the same. boy, was I wrong!!!!!! this season is just as great as ever. i happened to be watching TV while folding laundry, and flipped on to the season premiere, and within 20 seconds i was in love again. the outrageousness, the self-aware trashiness is irresistible. want evidence? on tonight’s episode, in addition to wonderful gratuitous shots of a woman crying over how she just wants to fall in love with tila, there was some marvelous editing where as Tila makes out with some dude, in the background you hear “Heaven isn’t too far away…….” from the Warrant classic, Heaven (since i, the pop culture goddess, has difficulty differentiating between Warrant and Poison, is this a crafty cross network product placement, subliminally reminding viewers to watch reruns of Rock of Love?). regardless, a shot of love with tila tequila is the ambrosia breathing life to my cold, jaded media studies nerdiness.


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