my friend mimi sent me this link: The Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians


Amusing myself

July 1, 2008

I recently found this new silly way to entertain myself. I watch gay porn, and then play songs on random and see how well it goes together. Here are some songs that worked pretty well:

Albert Chiang – Track 15: This just made the scene seem really sweet. Granted, I was playing this while there was mostly just making out and groping. It’s sunny and makes it seem like just nice, frolicksome fun with teen boys canoodling on a mountain

CocoRosie – Not for Sale: the song is whimsical and indy. It makes me feel like I’m watching some borderline ironic performance art. I feel like I should add some filters and effects onto the footage to make it more artsty fartsy.

Coldplay – Trouble: This one works surprisingly well! When the song has its shmaltzy swells, it seems to sync up with what’s going on screen. It makes it seem like these teenage boys are hella emo and angsty, which kind of works though it does add a cheesiness to the sex. Coldplay and hardcore gay porn is always a hilariously appropriate combination.

Of Montreal – She’s My Best Friend: It’s a fun and bouncy song that makes you want to bop your head, while you people giving head. ((sorry for that last line but I couldn’t resist!)